Saturday, 8 November 2014

ll the faces are cheered-up and hopeful for the good future with our support, we have promised to give our best for them for ever because We all (Members of Kaivalya Vichar Seva Samiti) believes that "Education can give his best by teach the morality, politeness and awareness but Educated peoples can give his best by creating the equality in the society, working for elimination of poverty, helping the needy, contributing their all for the prosperous society".
We are very thankful for all supporting hands for making this Diwali celibration memorable

Numbers of hands supported us for enlightening the lives of poor children and villagers in our working village (Soladahar, near IIT Kharagpur) @Diwali.
जग-झंझा-झकोर में, आशा-लतिका का विलास देखा। # Diwali Dhamaka by Kaivalya Vichar
आकांक्षा, उत्साह, प्रेम का, क्रम-क्रम से प्रकाश देखा।।

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