Saturday, 8 November 2014

ll the faces are cheered-up and hopeful for the good future with our support, we have promised to give our best for them for ever because We all (Members of Kaivalya Vichar Seva Samiti) believes that "Education can give his best by teach the morality, politeness and awareness but Educated peoples can give his best by creating the equality in the society, working for elimination of poverty, helping the needy, contributing their all for the prosperous society".
We are very thankful for all supporting hands for making this Diwali celibration memorable

Numbers of hands supported us for enlightening the lives of poor children and villagers in our working village (Soladahar, near IIT Kharagpur) @Diwali.
जग-झंझा-झकोर में, आशा-लतिका का विलास देखा। # Diwali Dhamaka by Kaivalya Vichar
आकांक्षा, उत्साह, प्रेम का, क्रम-क्रम से प्रकाश देखा।।

We have to utilize all the chances and occasions for spreading the awareness of our duties towards the deprived society, elimination of poverty, removal of illiteracy and enhancing the spirituality etc.
We are trying with small initiation, but waiting for support from all of you. Please come together and enlighten the entire society. @ ParalakhemundiOrissa, India..Just feel yourself a part of deprived society or the one among the poor children, then realize what is your duties for them......Plz,,,
##Diwali - The Festival of Lights in "Jagannath Shiksha Niketan" with Orphans and poor children. @@ Kaivalya Vichar Seva Samiti...

हर सुबह को कोई दोपहर चाहिए, मैं परिंदा हूँ उड़ने को पर चाहिए,मैंने माँगी दुआएँ, दुआएँ मिली, उन दुआओं का मुझ पे असर चाहिए
जिसमें रहकर सुकूँ से गुज़ारा करूँ,मुझको एहसास का ऐसा घर चाहिए,जब मुसीबत पड़े और भारी पड़े, तो कहीं एक तो चश्मेतर चाहिए
Become a reason of others pleasure, Always share problems of others
Behaves as kith & keen with poors, Always be a good human

 Kaivalya Vichar Seva Samiti Kaivalya Vichar Seva Samiti Kaivalya Vichar Samiti Varanasiकैवल्या-कलिंग-सेवा-समिति (kaivalya-kalinga-seva-samiti).

                                      .................SWACHHA BHARAT ABHIYAAN............ 
"Small initiative by our group #Kaivalya Vichar Seva Samiti "
Now a days, India seems to ready to change the pattern of thinking, activities and habits in the government of Shri Narendra Modi, because, he have focused on very small things like construction of toilet in primary school and rural areas, construction of model villages, corrupt free government, punctuality for all the office bearer, campaign for cleaning villages, towns, colonies and roads etc. 
Swachh bharat should be aim of We all, because it is our duty to clean the country and create a healthy surroundings. We have to promise our-self that we will fulfill our all responsibilities towards our country and always behaves accordingly to maintain dignity of our country.

We all are dedicated to make a healthy and aware society through out the world.....